Welcome to the official blog of our Library at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Arjangarh.

Welcome to the official blog of our Library at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Arjangarh. This is the online service of our library. This is an attempt to serve our users online.Our library is fully equipped with library books,magazines,furniture and computers with internet facility. And it is well ventilated with excellent reading environment. As it is sky is limit... we have been working around to improve still further in developing library material and reading conditions....

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Current Awareness Service (CAS)

Our Library provided the CAS as per information required by the students by magazines, newspapers & reference books.

Dissemination of information that will keep it users well-informed and up-to-date in their fields of basic interest as well as in related subjects is called Current Awareness Service. It is a system of getting knowledge on recent development, and especially those developments which relate to the special interest of the individual.

CAS is a device of the information system through which the users of information can be informed promptly, as soon as possible after publications but before absorption into the comprehensive secondary sources of current literature on a broad subject field or on a area in which a group of persons are interested, and presented in a manner, volume and rhythm intended to facilitate or cultivate current approach to information.

CAS involves a knowledge of: 

  1. - New theoretical ideas and hypotheses.
  2. - New problems to be solved.
  3. - New methods and techniques for solving old and new problems
  4. - New circumstances affecting what people do and how they may do it.

S.R. Ranganathan defines CAS as "Documentation periodical listing the documents appearing during the period covered, and without being selected to suit the requirements of a particular reader or of a specific topic under investigation. It endeavors to keep the clientele informed promptly of all the nascent thought created in their fields of work and related fields."

B.C. Vickery define “CAS is more frequently and more adequately met by circulation than by retrieval, current journals, newly received book and report, abstract bulletins and the like being fed to and scanned by users.”

Basically, speaking, CAS is a device for alerting specialists towards latest developments and new publications acquired by the libraries/information center.

So, we can define CAS as- “The establishment of a system for reviewing/scanning, publications immediately upon receipt, selecting information pertinent to the needs of organization served, and recording/notifying individual items of interest to be brought to the attention of those persons to whose work they are related.”